Biocera A.H.Antioxidant Water Bottle

Biocera A.H.Antioxidant Water Bottle

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If you are looking for an easy & stylish way of enhancing your water on the go the Biocera AHA Water Bottle is the way to go. This bottle transforms water into alkaline water in minutes wherever you are. Neutralize the damaging oxygen free radicals in your body and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of molecular hydrogen released into your drinking water by the bottle. IMPORTANT: Please read the detailed description below on use and the correct maintenance of the bottle/filter.

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The answer to the effectiveness and the reasoning behind the benefits of drinking filtered alkaline is very simple. Standard tap water has shown to contain various harmful contaminates as well as oxygen free radicals, which are major factors in accelerated ageing. It is also believed that water with a higher level of pH is better for your health. The Biocera AHA Bottle filters the water and rids it of the harmful contaminants, increases the waters pH level and also releases molecular hydrogen, which is said to have therapeutic benefits on practically every organ of your body.

The Biocera bio-ceramics that are used in the production of the bottle and the filtration process achieved have successfully received NSF certification, which is an internationally known safety standard. Extensive testing has been done on the bio-ceramics used in the filter to ensure that no damaging toxins pass through to the water.

Instructions on usage

Depending on the quality of the water used in the bottle as well as the frequency use of the bottle a cleaning procedure should be carried out to ensure that the filter is effective and clean. The cleaning should be done as follows:


1. Pour 20ml of vinegar (grape/rice and not heavily concentrated) in the bottle and fill with water.
2. Close the lid of the bottle and shake it several times.
3. Immediately empty the mixture and flush the bottle with clean water.
4. Never leave the cleaning mixture in the bottle for prolonged periods of time.


1. Open the bottom cap of the bottle by rotating it clockwise
2. Replace the actual filter
3. Close the cap by anticlockwise rotation and make sure that it is properly tightened to prevent
unwanted leakage.


1. When opening the filter do your best to limits its exposure to air by keeping it under water most
of the time.
2. The lifespan of the filter highly depends on the condition of the original water used. If you wish
to extend the lifespan of the bottles filter use only purified water for filtration.
3. If you notice that the water has become cloudy and contains white precipitates, perform a full
cleaning procedure as outlined in the instructions.
4. Estimate lifespan of 1 filter is up to 1 year under 1.5 litres daily consumption. However this
highly depends on proper maintenance and the condition of the water used.
5. Never open the filter unless you are going to perform a replacement.


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