Biocera Alkaline Inline Filter Cartridge

Biocera Alkaline Inline Filter Cartridge

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The Biocera Alkaline Inline Filter Cartridge is an ideal way of adding the benefits of alkalinized, hydrogen-rich water to the standard under the sink filtration systems. This specialized filter will add back the alkaline minerals which are lost during the filtration process and make the water hydrogen rich giving you access to healthy re-energized, alkalinized and anti-oxdized water in your home.

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If you already own a standard filtration system at home the Biocera alkaline Inline Filter Catridge would be an ideal addition to this system in order to grant you all day access to the benefits of the alkaline re-energized drinking water. The water produced by the standard filtration system is deprived of various healthy minerals and still contains oxygen free radicals which are said to be bad and toxic to your body cells. It will also raise the pH level of the water, which plays an important role in detoxifying your blood and tissues by breaking down the acidic compounds that have built up within your body over time.

Some most common advantages of drinking the healthy alkaline water are:

  1. Ensures proper hydration of your body on cellular level
  2. Encourages proper oxygenation of the cells
  3. Provides your body with electrolytes which are required for metabolizing many important nutrients.
  4. Helps improve overall energy levels
  5. Reduced the effect of brain fog and improves concentration levels.

Improve your existing filtration system today with the Biocera Inline Filter cartridge which can be easily installed on most under the sink filtration systems and has a life span of up to 1 whole year depending of course on the condition of the water supply.


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