Biocera In-line Softening Shower Filter

Biocera In-line Softening Shower Filter

36 inc.VAT

We all love taking a shower so why not take it with soft, clean and energized water produced by the Biocera Inline Softening Shower Filter? Easy to install this filter will ensure that you have a steady supply of softened, chlorine free, bacteria and harmful contaminant free energized water. This will not only make it healthier for your body but will also make sure that it is gentle on your skin and your hair.

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The typical shower water contains chlorine, which is added into the water supply to exterminate various harmful bacteria. However along with its effects on the bacteria it has a bad effect on your health. It may lead to dry skin, aggravated existing skin conditions and may even lead to respiratory problems given the inhalation of chlorine via steam from the shower.

The Inline Softening Shower Filters tackles these problems by filtering the water and ridding it of the multiple harmful contaminates including chlorine. Furthermore, the water becomes softer and energized which is more gentle on your skin and hair keeping them well moisturized.


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